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First Coin of 2024 is Out of This World

The Royal Australian Mint has collaborated with the Australian Space Agency to mint the world’s first coin of 2024, which pays homage to the country’s space exploration history.

News in Brief

Royal Joh Enschedé, in collaboration with The Global Note™, has released...

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US Coin Production Falls to Pre-Pandemic Levels

After three successive years of bumper coin production to meet COVID-induced shortages in the cash cycle, v...

Company News

Following its acquisition of Reischauer, the Heimerle + Meule Group has ...

New Coin Issues

The Royal Canadian Mint has released a series of coins to commemorate th...

Editors Choice

A Year (and A Bit) in Coin & Mint News

In December 2022, Coin & Mint News was still in its fledgling stages, and we published a round-up of three key trends that became ever more apparent over the course of last year – environmental sustainability, effective circulation, and industry collaboration.

  • An Update on The Royal Mint

    With the end of The Royal Mint’s year including the release of a new gold bullion design, and the beginning of this year marking announcements of its sustainability progress and a partnership with ...

  • People in the News

    A few recent personnel updates from The Royal Mint, Monnaie de Paris, Mint Directors Association, and Bavarian State Mint.

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