Combining Coinage & Secure Document Design

In this article, currency designer Michael Berman touches on his background in the coin design world and explores the use of ProImage’s Arziro software – to design coinage.

Free - September 4, 2023 midnight

A Brief History of Pakistan’s Coinage

In the start of a new, periodic, series in Coin & Mint News™, we will be looking at the history of coinage in countries around the world, starting in this first article with Pakistan.

Free - August 4, 2023 midnight

How Important is Ethical Sourcing? – Part 2

Back in December, Coin & Mint News posed the question ‘how important is ethical sourcing?’, highlighting a few organisations that are considering the sourcing of their metals and looking at ways to make the process more transparent and sustainable.

Free - July 7, 2023 midnight

Has the Penny Had its Day?

The lowest denomination coins – cents, pennies, whatever – are a headache, for issuers and, increasingly the public. The rising costs of production increasingly mean that the face value of the coins are outstripped by their production costs – resulting in negative seigniorage. On this basis, why do countries keep on minting and issuing them?

Circulating Coins - May 4, 2023 midnight

Cashless Machines: Convenient or Exclusionary?

Whilst some central banks are turning to technology to solve issues with coin distribution, the option of using coin-operated machines is steadily being replaced in many areas by those offering cashless payment options only. These options may be more convenient, but they can come at the expense of those who rely on traditional cash-accepting machines.

Free - April 5, 2023 midnight

Counterfeiting in the Eurozone

Last month, the ECB released its 2022 banknote counterfeit figures. Whereas the ECB publishes counterfeit banknotes statistics promptly one month after the year end, the figures for euro coin counterfeits are less timely.

Free - March 6, 2023 midnight

The Land Where Coins are King

In this article, Nicola Sudan, Regional Director of Reconnaissance International, provides a viewpoint on the continuing usefulness of coins in South Africa.

Free - February 2, 2023 midnight

Three Key Trends in 2022

It is customary in Coin & Mint News™ sister publications – Currency News™ and Cash & Payment News™ – to round off the year with a review of the key trends and developments over the preceding 12 months.

Free - December 20, 2022 midnight