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New Coin Issues

The Royal Australian Mint has released a collection of five commemorative coins to celebrate the 50th anniversary of what is arguably Australia’s most famous building, the Sydney Opera House.

News - September 4, 2023 midnight

Royal Dutch Mint Commemorates Two Anniversaries

The Royal Dutch Mint has produced a commemorative coin to mark 100 years of aviation in Aruba, a centenary since two US Navy Curtiss H-16 long-range maritime patrol flying boats landed for the first time in Paardenbaai, or the Port of Oranjestad.

Commemorative Coins - September 4, 2023 midnight

New Coin Issues

As co-hosts of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Australian women’s national football team, the Matildas (so-called due to the country’s famous folk song, ’Waltzing Matilda’), have now been immortalised on a series of commemorative circulating coins by the Royal Australian Mint.

News - August 4, 2023 midnight

New Coin Issues

In celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint has launched a new $2 commemorative circulation coin, which features the combined work of three artists.

News - July 7, 2023 midnight

New Commemorative Coins

The Croatian National Bank and Croatian Mint have jointly issued two new numismatic euro pieces – the first of their type since the country officially adopted the euro as its currency on 1 January 2023.

Commemorative Coins - May 4, 2023 midnight

New Coin Issues

The US Mint has commenced its 2023 American Women Quarters (AWQ) programme with the release of the first two coins in this year’s series.

News - April 5, 2023 midnight

New Coin Issues

To mark what would have been the 70th anniversary of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation this year, the Pacific territory of Tokelau has issued three new commemorative coins.

News - March 6, 2023 midnight

New Coin Issues

The Royal Canadian Mint has announced the launch of a new numismatic coin collection to honour the life and reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

News - February 2, 2023 midnight

New Coin Issues

As it prepares for the euro changeover next month, the Croatian Mint has created a new world’s smallest coin featuring the world’s smallest city, Hum, with a face value of 1 kuna.

News - December 20, 2022 midnight