Advertise on Coin & Mint News

There is no better platform than the Coin & Mint News website to enhance your profile, promote your brand, and share your content to a community looking for information, analysis and solutions.

We currently offer two types of advertising.

  • Brand advertising
  • Content advertising

Brand Advertising

There are three slots or blocks available. Two of these (sidebars) can be viewed on the home page and all other pages. The third (banner) can be viewed on the home page only. The options can be taken on an exclusive basis (with up to three rotations). The minimum period for all options is three months.

We can accommodate your standard graphic files such as animated GIF, single or multiple images JPEG with a link to your website. If the advertisement relates to a white paper or other form of download, we can host this on the website too (see below).

These ads are managed through Google Ad Manager, so we can provide standard statistics such as impressions, clicks...

Block Name Location Size* Rates
Sidebar-Top All + Weekly News 336 x 280px Exclusive – £2,000/month
Banner Homepage 810 x 135px Exclusive – £1,250/month
Sidebar-Bottom All 336 x 280px Exclusive – £1,500/month

*Maximum file size 1Mb.

Content Advertising

We offer two forms of content-based advertising.

The first is a white paper, case study, brochure or other form of content-rich collateral promoted and accessible via one of the above-mentioned blocks and visible to all but hosted behind a gateway. Subscribers will be able to view and download without re-entering their details, others will need to provide their contact details in order to download. The price for this option is an additional £750 per month (for a minimum of three months) on top of the prices above.

The second is a sponsored article, that appears as a standard article, but with the sponsor’s name, logo and instead of the editor/writer details that feature for the other articles. This article will remain on the website in perpetuity. The maximum length is 2,000 words. The sponsored article can be read by subscribers only or by all. The first option costs £2,500 and the second £4,000.

(Charter subscribers receive two sponsored articles per annum as part of their package).