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February 2023

  • RBI Pilots Coin Vending Machines to Improve Distribution
  • Ukraine Wins Top Coin of the Year Award
  • World Money Fair’s 19th Technical Forum Returns as Live Event
  • IMIA Hits the Ground Running
  • News in Brief
  • The Meaning of Coin for South African Mint’s Honey Mamabolo
  • Countering the Counterfeiters
  • Counterfeiting in the Eurozone
  • Coin Sustainability at The Silk Road Conference
  • First IMEX Scheduled for October in Nashville
  • New Coin Issues
  • Cash Industry Directory is Back
  • Upcoming Events

January 2023

  • Royal Australian Mint Strikes First Coin of the Year
  • COTY Award Winners Announced
  • The Land Where Coins are King
  • Good Planning Leads to a Smooth Transition for Croatia
  • MDC 2023 Registration Now Open
  • News in Brief
  • Connecting Tradition and the Future in Hungary
  • Award Winning Coin Deposit Programme in Poland
  • New Coin Issues
  • Upcoming Events

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December 2022

  • Cash Suppliers Join Forces to Examine the Impact of Payments
  • In Support of Ukraine
  • Three Key Trends in 2022
  • How Important is Ethical Sourcing?
  • News in Brief
  • IMIA – Making the Case for Cash and Coins
  • Sustainability at the Coin Conference
  • World Money Fair Technical Forum 2022 – a Review (Part 2)
  • New Coin Issues
  • Shortages of Coins in Belgium – War, Payment Patterns and Hoarding
  • Upcoming Events

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November 2022

  • Coiniverse Continues to Expand
  • Cash, Creativity and Catching Up at The Coin Conference
  • RAM Rebrands for the Future
  • Record Year for The Royal Mint
  • News in Brief
  • US Coin Circulation: The Path Forward
  • New Coin Issues
  • IACA Excellence in Coin Awards Recognise Innovation, Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Upcoming Events

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October 2022

  • Changing Monarchs, Changing Coins
  • North America Considers the Penny
  • Welcome to Coin & Mint News
  • SICPA Protects Indonesian Gold with BullionProtect®
  • New Egyptian-British Mint on Cards
  • Update on the US Mint AWQ Program
  • News in Brief
  • IMDA – a New Force for Circulating and Collectors Coins
  • The Royal Mint Explains its Sustainability Programme
  • Finnish Mint Moves Forward on Sustainability
  • World Money Fair Technical Forum 2022 – a Review (Part 1)
  • 2022 IACA Excellence in Currency Awards
  • Coin Deposit Solution Wins CashTech Award
  • All Set for the Coin Conference
  • Upcoming Events

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CMNQ January 2022

  • Coiniverse – an App to Appeal to the Next Generation of Coin Collectors
  • Gräbener Celebrates its Centenary
  • Colombian Mint Award for Innovative Solution to Coin Machining
  • US Mint Launches First Quarter Honouring American Women
  • Making Money with Holographic Coins
  • Jubilee Coins for Two Queens
  • Euro Commemorative Coins for 2021
  • Green Theme for China’s Olympic Commemorative Coins
  • Global Report on Coins – Past, Present and Future
  • The Conference Scene for 2022
  • Upcoming Events

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CMNQ August 2021

  • WMF ’21 – Technical Forum Part II
  • Smart Feeding Systems for Speed, Reliability and Flexibility
  • High, Higher, High-End – Advanced Minting for Truly Artistic Effects
  • Communication 4.0 in Reality – Virtual, Augmented, Assisted
  • Latest Innovations in Coin Packing and Coin Traceability
  • Latest Features for Die Production
  • Quality at a Cost – VISICOIN 200 Coining Process Inspection
  • Coining Center M2R with Inline Inspection – Making Coins Child’s Play
  • Cash Matters – Now More than Ever
  • A Focus on Coins in the Cash Cycle
  • Germany’s High Coin Usage Driven by Domestic Demand
  • Circulating Coins: A Technical Study and Market Report

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CMNQ April 2021

  • World Money Fair 2021 – Technical Forum Goes Digital
  • 3-D Measurement of Reliefs and Minting Desirable Coins
  • Platit – PVD Coating System for Coin Dies
  • Laser Engraving for Minting Dies – Achieving Finest Details
  • Ceramic High Definition – A New Finishing Media to Please an Old Desire
  • Coins and Medals – Nanotechnology Meets Pad Printing
  • New and Improved Brass Plating Process for ZincSecure
  • Reinventing the Possible – Next Generation of Circulating Coins: Phase 2
  • Two World Record Breakers from Switzerland
  • UK and Canadian Mints Team up to Mark Special Birthday
  • Buffalo Coin Completes South Africa’s Big Five Series
  • The Eagle has Landed, and Won this Year’s COTY Award
  • News from MDC – Events, Webinars and Awards