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May 2024

US Considers Scrapping Mutilated Coin Programme

How Will AI Change Modern Minting?

Numismatics Platform Continues Expansion

Royal Canadian Mint Reports Lower Sales and Profit for 2023

The Challenges of Circulating Coins

World Money Fair Technical Forum 2024 Review – Part 3

Cash Handling – State of the Art Inspection of Used Coins

April 2024

Royal Mint Pulls Out of Export Business for Circulating Coins

Mints Report Increased Profits

News in Brief

World Money Fair Technical Forum 2024 Review – Part 2

New Coin Issues

RDM Commemorates Several Anniversaries


March 2024

New Circulating Coins for France

Brazilian Mint Celebrates Three Anniversaries

Latest News from Down Under

Anti-Counterfeiting and Traceability Updates

News in Brief


World Money Fair Technical Forum 2024 Review – Part 1

Upcoming Events

February 2024

Special Relationship Unites Britannia and Liberty

Eesti Pank Plans for the Year Ahead

Royal Canadian Mint Reaches New Heights for the New Year

Focusing on Sustainability – Insights from the Industry

News in Brief

Call for Papers Open for The Coin Conference 2024

MDC Awards Neatly Package Numismatic Designs

Paris Olympic and Paralympic Medals Unveiled

Australian Mint Turns to New Platform for Online Sales

Demand for US Circulating Coins Falls in 2023

Gifting Money for the New Year

Poland Flies to the Future with UFO Coin

China Celebrates the Year of the Dragon

New Coin Issues


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January 2024

  • First Coin of 2024 is Out of This World
  • News in Brief
  • Company News
  • People in the News
  • US Coin Production Falls to Pre-Pandemic Levels
  • An Update on The Royal Mint
  • New Coin Issues

December 2023

  • Majority of Europeans Support Current Coins
  • The Debate on Coin Rounding
  • A Year (and A Bit) in Coin & Mint News
  • News in Brief
  • Round Up on Coins and Numismatics from Central Bank Annual Reports
  • New Coin Issues
  • Upcoming Events

November 2022

  • CashTech Innovation Awards Commend Donation Dollar
  • New Coin Series for Morocco
  • New Coin Series for Morocco (Continued)
  • News in Brief
  • Monnaie de Paris: from Ancient to Modern - Building Resilience for the Digital Age
  • People in the News
  • Celebrating Sustainability at the MDC Awards
  • New Coin Issues
  • Upcoming Events

October 2023

  • Minting for the Future at MDC 2023
  • New Definitive Coins for the UK
  • A New Association for Mints is Born
  • News in Brief
  • Record Number of Entries for the MDC Awards
  • A Solid Year for Royal Australian Mint, Despite Challenges
  • Designing and Minting Counterfeit-Proof Coinage
  • Latest Mint Releases
  • Upcoming Events

September 2023

  • Creating a Level Playing Field for Cash
  • Perth Mint Publishes Annual Report
  • New Service for Note and Coin Authentication
  • Coiniverse Aims to Connect Every Collector
  • Crown Coin Commemorates Late Queen Elizabeth II
  • News in Brief
  • Isle of Man Explores Currency Amendments
  • The Other Side of the Coin: Counterfeiting in Europe
  • New Coin Issues
  • Upcoming Events

August 2023

  • COTY 2023 Award Winners Announced
  • Coiniverse Becomes Independent Startup
  • A Roadmap to Carbon Neutral Steel
  • King Charles III Coronation Coin Enters Circulation
  • Spain’s Coin Circulation and Management
  • News in Brief
  • IQ Structures Expands IQ Mint Offering
  • Combining Coinage & Secure Document Design
  • Tracking, Certifying and Verifying Gold
  • Central Banks Report on Cash and Coins in Circulation
  • MDA Seeks Executive Director
  • MDC to Debate Innovation, ESG and Coins in a Digital World
  • New Coin Issues
  • Royal Dutch Mint Commemorates Two Anniversaries
  • Upcoming Events

July 2023

  • Royal Mint Reports Success of Diversification Plan
  • Latest News from the US Mint
  • News in Brief
  • Controversy in the World of Bullion
  • A Brief History of Pakistan’s Coinage
  • Upcoming Events
  • New Traceability and Authentication Technologies
  • New Coin Issues
  • Upcoming Events

June 2023

  • BSP Launches Coin Deposit Machines
  • SARB Reports on Mint Performance and New Coin Series
  • Casa da Moeda to Launch Gold Traceability Platform
  • News in Brief
  • MDC Announces Second Keynote Speaker
  • How Important is Ethical Sourcing? – Part 2
  • Central Banks Report on Coins in Circulation
  • Zimbabwe Resorts to Specie Coins
  • New Coin Issues
  • Upcoming Events

May 2023

  • South Africa Issues New Coin Series
  • Canadian Mint Scoops IACA Award
  • First Maundy Money for the New King
  • News in Brief
  • INCM Looks to International Markets for Recovery
  • Mint Of Poland Secures Outlets – Banking on Indigenous Growth
  • 2022: Royal Canadian Mint Meets Expectations
  • Royal United Mint – US Acquisition Charts a Path for Growth for Coins, Precious Metals and Tokens
  • Coins: a World of Energy and Creativity
  • Central Banks Report on Coins in Circulation
  • New Coin Issues
  • Upcoming Events

April 2023

  • A Solution in Sight to the Continuing Rise in US Coin Costs
  • Latvian Central Bank Makes It Easier to Deposit Coins
  • Has the Penny Had its Day?
  • US Mint Reports Near Record Production Levels
  • News in Brief
  • Royal Canadian Mint – Looking to the Future of Coins
  • RCM’s Active and Busy ESG Agenda
  • Finnish Mint’s Approach to Social Responsibility
  • World Money Fair Technical Forum Review: Part 3
  • MDC Coin Awards Now Open for Nominations
  • New Commemorative Coins
  • Upcoming Events

March 2023

  • Federal Reserve Continues to Report $1 Coin Surplus
  • MDC 2023 Keynote Speaker Announced
  • Cashless Machines: Convenient or Exclusionary?
  • Mexico to Optimise its Coin Range
  • News in Brief
  • Mixed Picture for Mints’ Annual Results
  • New Owner for Osborne Coinage
  • World Money Fair Technical Forum Review: Part 2
  • Safeguarding Cash: ICA Recommendations to Central Banks
  • US Mutilated Coin Program
  • IACA 2023 Coin Award Finalists Announced
  • New Coin Issues
  • The Essential Role of Coins in Payments
  • Upcoming Events

February 2023

  • RBI Pilots Coin Vending Machines to Improve Distribution
  • Ukraine Wins Top Coin of the Year Award
  • World Money Fair’s 19th Technical Forum Returns as Live Event
  • IMIA Hits the Ground Running
  • News in Brief
  • The Meaning of Coin for South African Mint’s Honey Mamabolo
  • Countering the Counterfeiters
  • Counterfeiting in the Eurozone
  • Coin Sustainability at The Silk Road Conference
  • First IMEX Scheduled for October in Nashville
  • New Coin Issues
  • Cash Industry Directory is Back
  • Upcoming Events

January 2023

  • Royal Australian Mint Strikes First Coin of the Year
  • COTY Award Winners Announced
  • The Land Where Coins are King
  • Good Planning Leads to a Smooth Transition for Croatia
  • MDC 2023 Registration Now Open
  • News in Brief
  • Connecting Tradition and the Future in Hungary
  • Award Winning Coin Deposit Programme in Poland
  • New Coin Issues
  • Upcoming Events

Archives 2022

  • CMN Archives 2022

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CMNQ August 2021

  • WMF ’21 – Technical Forum Part II
  • Smart Feeding Systems for Speed, Reliability and Flexibility
  • High, Higher, High-End – Advanced Minting for Truly Artistic Effects
  • Communication 4.0 in Reality – Virtual, Augmented, Assisted
  • Latest Innovations in Coin Packing and Coin Traceability
  • Latest Features for Die Production
  • Quality at a Cost – VISICOIN 200 Coining Process Inspection
  • Coining Center M2R with Inline Inspection – Making Coins Child’s Play
  • Cash Matters – Now More than Ever
  • A Focus on Coins in the Cash Cycle
  • Germany’s High Coin Usage Driven by Domestic Demand
  • Circulating Coins: A Technical Study and Market Report

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CMNQ April 2021

  • World Money Fair 2021 – Technical Forum Goes Digital
  • 3-D Measurement of Reliefs and Minting Desirable Coins
  • Platit – PVD Coating System for Coin Dies
  • Laser Engraving for Minting Dies – Achieving Finest Details
  • Ceramic High Definition – A New Finishing Media to Please an Old Desire
  • Coins and Medals – Nanotechnology Meets Pad Printing
  • New and Improved Brass Plating Process for ZincSecure
  • Reinventing the Possible – Next Generation of Circulating Coins: Phase 2
  • Two World Record Breakers from Switzerland
  • UK and Canadian Mints Team up to Mark Special Birthday
  • Buffalo Coin Completes South Africa’s Big Five Series
  • The Eagle has Landed, and Won this Year’s COTY Award
  • News from MDC – Events, Webinars and Awards