About Us

The Only Newsletter Dedicated to Circulating Coins and the Cash Cycle

Coin & Mint News™ is published by Currency Publications Ltd (CPL), a joint venture between Reconnaissance International and Currency Research Ltd (whose portfolio also includes the well-established and respected Currency News™ and Cash & Payment News™).

It is the only news source dedicated specifically to circulating coins, the minting industry and the numismatic community, and joins CPL’s portfolio that, in addition to Currency News and Cash & Payment News, also includes the Directory of Currency Suppliers, the Directory of Circulating Coins and periodic industry reports. CPL is also the organiser of the biennial Coin Conference.

CPL has already been covering coins since 2014 with Mint News Quarterly, which turned into Coin & Mint News Quarterly. However, whilst circulating coins have traditionally been viewed as a part of the cash cycle where ‘not much happens’, in reality the pace of development and innovation in the minting industry, and the issues and challenges that coins face, are such that it merits its own dedicated news space on a monthly basis.

As a sister publication to Currency News and Cash & Payment News, in 12 information-packed issues a year supported by a weekly e-newsletter, Coin & Mint News will provide insight and analysis on coin design and specification, production and handling technologies, recirculation and recycling, market and issuance trends, industry news, sustainability, machine detection and security, counterfeiting and the use of coins in the cash cycle, as well as public engagement and the large and growing market for commemorative and circulating commemorative coins.

Coin & Mint News is particularly relevant to central banks and finance ministries responsible for coin issue, mints, and suppliers of materials and equipment for the design, production and distribution of coins, although in reality it will provide useful reading for anyone involved in the cash cycle.

The joint editors are Astrid Mitchell, Editor of Currency News, who has worked in the currency industry for over 30 years, and Alex Sadler.