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Mints Report Increased Profits

The Mint of Poland and Monnaie de Paris have recently published their annual results for financial year, with the former noting a more than doubling of operating profit year-on-year and the latter a 9% increase in turnover from the previous year.

Studies-Reports - May 3, 2024 midnight

New Coin Issues

Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda has released two commemorative coins, one of which is a circulating commemorative and the other a collector’s coin, and a medal to mark the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April.

News - May 3, 2024 midnight

World Money Fair Technical Forum 2024 Review – Part 2

This year the Technical Forum celebrated its 20th Anniversary at the World Money Fair, with some 280 people attending either in person or online. A total of fifteen papers were presented, with this month’s review continuing on from the March issue and covering the middle third of these presentations.

Events - May 3, 2024 midnight

RDM Commemorates Several Anniversaries

The Royal Dutch Mint, in collaboration with the Royal Belgian Mint, has released a new limited issue silver €10 coin to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It has also released two special commemorative coins to mark the 200th anniversary of the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM).

Commemorative Coins - May 3, 2024 midnight

News in Brief

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has begun the roll out of a new structured currency to replace the beleaguered Zimbabwean dollar, seeking to tackle hyperinflation and stabilise the country’s economy.

News - May 3, 2024 midnight

News in Brief

Belgian businesses and shopkeepers will soon be obliged to accept cash payments following the Federal Government’s approval of legislation around cash acceptance. This follows a rise in the number of establishments that do not accept cash and subsequent complaints about the issue.

News - April 5, 2024 midnight

Anti-Counterfeiting and Traceability Updates

The Central Bank of Kosovo has released details of its efforts to fight counterfeit currency, noting that it had successfully coordinated inter-institutional meetings to design and implement effective strategies to combat the circulation of counterfeit coins, especially €2 coins.

Authentication - April 5, 2024 midnight

Brazilian Mint Celebrates Three Anniversaries

The Casa da Moeda do Brasil celebrated its 330th anniversary earlier this month with the launch of a commemorative medal featuring augmented reality (AR) technology. The medal is available in either bronze or silver and features invisible ink in addition to the AR technology.

Mints - April 5, 2024 midnight

New Circulating Coins for France

Three of France’s circulating coins are being updated to honour three exceptional French women. The updates to these coins follows those made in 2022 to the €1 and €2 coins, and marks the first time that the national sides of the coins have been updated since France’s adoption of the euro as its currency.

Circulating Coins - April 5, 2024 midnight

Latest News from Down Under

The Perth Mint has announced two new partnerships during the month of March, with the first relating to the Mint Directors Association (MDA), and the second to numismatic platform Coiniverse.

News - April 5, 2024 midnight

World Money Fair Technical Forum 2024 Review – Part 1

The World Money Fair Technical Forum celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, just two years after the main event commemorated its half-centennial, having been established in 1972. In this month’s issue of Coin & Mint News™, we review the first five papers from the Technical Forum, with subsequent issues to cover the remainder.

Events - April 5, 2024 midnight


Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting is rapidly becoming a normal part of organisational life. In this context the Mint Directors Association (MDA) organised a webinar on 13 March to hear from three practitioners about their experience in this area.

Sustainability - April 5, 2024 midnight

China Celebrates the Year of the Dragon

The People’s Bank of China has issued a series of commemorative coins to celebrate 2024’s Lunar Year of the Long (Chinese Dragon), which began on 10 February. Comprised of one gold coin, one silver coin, and one bi-metallic copper alloy coin, the set is all legal tender.

Commemorative Coins - March 5, 2024 midnight

Australian Mint Turns to New Platform for Online Sales

The Royal Australian Mint has teamed up with EQL, the commerce platform built to ensure reliable and fair product launches, to improve its e-commerce infrastructure and the experience for collectors as they aim to get their hands on new coins.

Mints - March 5, 2024 midnight

New Coin Issues

The Royal Dutch Mint has launched its latest ‘good-cause’ coin issue, in collaboration with the Dutch Hartstichting (Heart) Foundation.

News - March 5, 2024 midnight

MDC Awards Neatly Package Numismatic Designs

Held last October during the Gala Dinner at MDC 2023 in Ottawa, Canada, the MDC Awards paid tribute to a sometimes-underrepresented part of coin design when it comes to awards, namely ‘Best Packaging (of a collectible coin)’.

Events - March 5, 2024 midnight

News in Brief

Swiss-based Numisstaxx has launched as a new platform for the digitisation of coin collecting, providing users with the ability to digitalise and share coins easily online.

News - March 5, 2024 midnight

Demand for US Circulating Coins Falls in 2023

In its recently published Annual Report for the 2023 fiscal year, the United States Mint reported a 12.1% fall in revenue to $4.68 billion. In volume terms, the Mint shipped 10.5 billion circulation coins to the Federal Reserve Bank compared with 12.1 billion in 2022, a decrease of 1.6 billion coins (-13.2%).

Studies-Reports - March 5, 2024 midnight