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Coiniverse Continues to Expand

Coiniverse, the mobile app platform developed by the Mint of Finland and now adopted by several mints around the world in association with the collector community, has announced the addition of its newest member mint, Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato (IPZS) – the Italian Mint.

Numismatics - November 29, 2022 midnight

New Coin Issues

The Royal Mint has launched a special collectable £2 coin to celebrate twenty-five years of the bi-metallic £2 coin. The £2 became the largest circulating coin denomination in the UK following minting in 1997 and introduction the year after, and the new collectible features the original ‘Technology’ design by artist Bruce Rushin.

News - November 29, 2022 midnight

Record Year for The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint announced a 27.3% increase in sales to £1.4 billion and pre-tax profit of £18 million for the year ending 31 March 2022, an increase of 45% over the previous year, largely due to higher precious metals sales in the UK, US and Europe.

Studies-Reports - November 29, 2022 midnight

RAM Rebrands for the Future

According to the recently published Royal Australian Mint annual report for 2021/22, the circulating coin, collectible and investment business lines achieved revenue of A$182 million and a surplus of A$23 million after tax, which resulted in a 33% RONA.

Studies-Reports - November 29, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

Swissmint has announced the launch of a new alloy for its silver coins alongside the rebranding of all new collector coins under the title and brand ‘Eidgenössische Sondermünzen’ (Swiss special coins).

News - November 29, 2022 midnight

US Coin Circulation: The Path Forward

The significant disruption of the coin supply chain in the United States as a result of the pandemic is well- documented. What is less well- documented, or even understood, is why these shortages have persisted even as economic and consumer activity have returned.

Interviews - November 29, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

The Korean mint and printer KOMSCO has announced that its high-relief Tiger silver medal and Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido medal have been selected as Good Design Products.

News - October 12, 2022 midnight

Update on the US Mint AWQ Program

The US Mint is currently shipping the next two coins in its American Women Quarters (AWQ) Program. The third and fourth circulating coins in the series feature Wilma Mankiller and Nina Otero-Warren respectively.

Circulating Coins - October 12, 2022 midnight

New Egyptian-British Mint on Cards

The Egyptian Cabinet has approved a proposal to conclude a partnership agreement between the Public Treasury, the Egyptian Mint Authority, and the UK’s Royal Mint to establish a British-Egyptian mint in the Suez Canal economic zone.

Mints - October 12, 2022 midnight

SICPA Protects Indonesian Gold with BullionProtect®

SICPA has recently extended its operations into the gold market with the launch of BullionProtect®, which is now being used by Indonesian bullion producer Hartadinata to provide more confidence in gold bar trading.

Metals - October 12, 2022 midnight

North America Considers the Penny

It is coming up to ten years since Canada removed its 1 cent coin, or penny, from circulation. A recent survey by Research Co found that 71% of the public do not miss the Canadian penny.

Studies-Reports - October 12, 2022 midnight

Changing Monarchs, Changing Coins

There has been much talk in the cash industry over the past few weeks, following the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II, about what this means for the countries whose currency – notably coins here – bear her portrait.

- October 12, 2022 midnight

Welcome to Coin & Mint News

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Coin & Mint News™ from the publishers of Currency News™ and Cash & Payment News™, and the only news source dedicated specifically to circulating coins, the minting industry and the numismatic community.

Editorial - October 12, 2022 midnight

Coin Deposit Solution Wins CashTech Award

Singapore-based DBS, the largest bank in Southeast Asia, was one of four winners of the inaugural CashTech Innovation awards, presented at the Future of Cash Conference in Madrid in September.

Companies - October 12, 2022 midnight

2022 IACA Excellence in Currency Awards

The winners of the IACA Excellence in Currency Coin Awards for 2022 will be announced and presented at a special ceremony on 18 October, during the Coin Conference in Amsterdam.

Events - October 12, 2022 midnight

All Set for the Coin Conference

The Coin Conference takes place in Amsterdam, 17-19 October 2022. Since the last Coin Conference was in 2019, it is not surprising that the agenda is busy and full of substance, reflecting all that has happened in the last three years.

Events - October 12, 2022 midnight