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Countering the Counterfeiters

Counterfeiting is nothing new – indeed it has often been called the world’s second oldest profession. Counterfeiting of money has been going on ever since the invention of physical money in around the 6th century BC.

Technical Features - March 6, 2023 midnight

Colombian Mint Award for Innovative Solution to Coin Machining

The Colombian Mint (Fábrica de Moneda) has received an award from the Colombian government for technical innovation, in recognition of the development of a new technique that enabled the continuing production of the country’s two highest denomination coins, despite the breakdown of a key piece of machinery just before the pandemic struck that prevented it being repaired.

Mints - January 27, 2022 midnight

Making Money with Holographic Coins

The use of surface relief holograms to create striking visual effects on coins is not necessarily a new technology, but one that is a challenge for circulating coins because of durability.

Technical Features - January 27, 2022 midnight