A Roadmap to Carbon Neutral Steel

Arcelor Mittal have launched their XCarb® programme ‘towards neutral steel’, as in carbon neutral steel. Steel is widely used the production of coins.

Metals - September 4, 2023 midnight

Controversy in the World of Bullion

By its very nature, bullion is a valuable and more expensive commodity than standard commemorative coins comprised of nickel, copper or zinc, for example. This can lead to greater scrutiny of the items produced and their provenance.

Metals - August 4, 2023 midnight

How Important is Ethical Sourcing? – Part 2

Back in December, Coin & Mint News posed the question ‘how important is ethical sourcing?’, highlighting a few organisations that are considering the sourcing of their metals and looking at ways to make the process more transparent and sustainable.

Free - July 7, 2023 midnight

Casa da Moeda to Launch Gold Traceability Platform

Leondaro Abdias, Director of Innovation and Market at the Brazilian mint, Casa da Moeda do Brasil, announced measures to combat illegal gold trade in Brazil during an event held in May titled ‘Ways of Gold: the Importance of Traceability to Prevent Illegality and Irregular Extraction’.

Authentication - July 7, 2023 midnight

News in Brief

The Turkish State Mint has reduced the size of the lira coins to offset rising minting costs, according to local reports.

News - May 4, 2023 midnight

Countering the Counterfeiters

Counterfeiting is nothing new – indeed it has often been called the world’s second oldest profession. Counterfeiting of money has been going on ever since the invention of physical money in around the 6th century BC.

Authentication - March 6, 2023 midnight

How Important is Ethical Sourcing?

Consumer demand for ethically sourced and sustainable products has grown in recent years, partly as a result of a greater awareness of the impact of manufacturing upon producers but also due to increased scrutiny over the environmental impact of metals mining.

Sustainability - December 20, 2022 midnight

SICPA Protects Indonesian Gold with BullionProtect®

SICPA has recently extended its operations into the gold market with the launch of BullionProtect®, which is now being used by Indonesian bullion producer Hartadinata to provide more confidence in gold bar trading.

Authentication - October 12, 2022 midnight