Gifting Money for the New Year

Many societies have a long-standing tradition of gifting money (banknotes and coins) to mark auspicious occasions – births and birthdays, weddings and other special events, where the value of the gift is as much social as it is financial.

Editorial - March 5, 2024 midnight

A Year (and A Bit) in Coin & Mint News

In December 2022, Coin & Mint News was still in its fledgling stages, and we published a round-up of three key trends that became ever more apparent over the course of last year – environmental sustainability, effective circulation, and industry collaboration.

Free - December 22, 2023 midnight

Cashless Machines: Convenient or Exclusionary?

Whilst some central banks are turning to technology to solve issues with coin distribution, the option of using coin-operated machines is steadily being replaced in many areas by those offering cashless payment options only. These options may be more convenient, but they can come at the expense of those who rely on traditional cash-accepting machines.

Free - April 5, 2023 midnight

The Land Where Coins are King

In this article, Nicola Sudan, Regional Director of Reconnaissance International, provides a viewpoint on the continuing usefulness of coins in South Africa.

Free - February 2, 2023 midnight

Welcome to Coin & Mint News

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Coin & Mint News™ from the publishers of Currency News™ and Cash & Payment News™, and the only news source dedicated specifically to circulating coins, the minting industry and the numismatic community.

Editorial - October 12, 2022 midnight