People in the News

A few recent personnel updates from The Royal Mint, Monnaie de Paris, Mint Directors Association, and Bavarian State Mint.

Companies - February 6, 2024 midnight

Company News

Following its acquisition of Reischauer, the Heimerle + Meule Group has announced its purchase of the Royal United Mint from the Belgian Heylen Group, which is the world’s second largest private industrial holding company in the production of coins.

Companies - February 6, 2024 midnight

Coiniverse Becomes Independent Startup

Coiniverse, the coin collecting app set up by the Mint of Finland, has been spun off from the Mint into an independent startup. As an independent startup, the company aims to increase its user base across the globe and create a trusted collector community where mints are readily accessible.

Companies - September 4, 2023 midnight

New Owner for Osborne Coinage

Royal United Mint, the parent company of the Royal Dutch Mint and the Belgian Mauquoy Token Company, has acquired Osborne Coinage Co, based in Cincinnati, Ohio and the oldest private mint in the US.

Companies - April 5, 2023 midnight

Coin Deposit Solution Wins CashTech Award

Singapore-based DBS, the largest bank in Southeast Asia, was one of four winners of the inaugural CashTech Innovation awards, presented at the Future of Cash Conference in Madrid in September.

Companies - October 12, 2022 midnight

Gräbener Celebrates its Centenary

Gräbener Pressensysteme celebrated its 100th year in business last October. The specialist knuckle joint and coin minting press company, based in Netphen-Werthenbach, Germany was entered in the local commercial register in Siegen, Germany in October 1921.

Companies - January 27, 2022 midnight

Shrap Offers a Future Without Coins

At the Future of Cash conference, Chris Forero-Slee introduced his business, Shrap. As he said, he does not expect to be popular with those who make their living from or who like coins. Shrap (the company presumably takes its name from shrapnel, ie. fragments of shells or bullets but also a colloquial term for small change) is a solution that offers an alternative to coins, which they regard as a ‘pain point’ in payments.

Companies - March 2, 2021 midnight