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New Coin Issues

The Royal Dutch Mint has launched its latest ‘good-cause’ coin issue, in collaboration with the Dutch Hartstichting (Heart) Foundation.

News - March 5, 2024 midnight

US Coin Production Falls to Pre-Pandemic Levels

After three successive years of bumper coin production to meet COVID-induced shortages in the cash cycle, volumes of coin produced for circulation by the US Mint in 2023 finally fell back to pre-pandemic levels.

Circulating Coins - February 6, 2024 midnight

New Coin Issues

The Royal Canadian Mint has released a series of coins to commemorate the centenary of the Royal Canadian Air Force. The centennial commemoration series features a fine silver proof $1, gold proof $100, and rose-gold plated $1 which is available solely as part of a seven-piece Canadian circulation coin set.

News - February 6, 2024 midnight

The Debate on Coin Rounding

As those involved in the industry continuously review the cost of coins, not just production but also distribution and circulation costs, so do government bodies to ensure that the currency systems in place are best suited to the areas in which they operate.

Circulating Coins - December 22, 2023 midnight

CashTech Innovation Awards Commend Donation Dollar

The Royal Australian Mint has been awarded the ‘Best CashTech Award’ for its Donation Dollar at the recent CashTech Innovation Awards held earlier this month at the Future of Cash Conference in Istanbul, Türkiye.

Free - November 30, 2023 midnight

New Coin Series for Morocco

The central bank of Morocco, Bank Al- Maghrib, has issued a new coin series into circulation as part of its latest round of currency updates. Alongside new 10 centimes, 20 centimes, ½ dirham, 1 dirham, 5 dirham, and 10 dirham coins, an updated 100 dirham banknote has also been issued.

Circulating Coins - November 30, 2023 midnight

New Coin Issues

On the International Day of Child Rights, the Royal Dutch Mint (RDM) released the Free a Girl coincard featuring its first ever RDM NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

News - November 30, 2023 midnight

New Definitive Coins for the UK

Following the announcement and subsequent issue of a new royal effigy for the obverse of the United Kingdom’s coins, The Royal Mint has recently unveiled eight new reverse designs for a completely updated set of the nation’s circulating coinage.

Circulating Coins - November 10, 2023 midnight

Latest Mint Releases

The Royal Canadian Mint has issued its latest circulating commemorative $2 coin, honouring influential 20th century visual artist Jean-Paul Riopelle. Released to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth, the coin marks the artist’s contribution to Canada’s cultural heritage.

News - November 10, 2023 midnight

Isle of Man Explores Currency Amendments

The Isle of Man is consulting the public on proposals to modernise its banknotes and coins. According to the Manx Treasury, the change of monarch from Queen Elizabeth II to King Charles III is an opportune time to consider the designs.

Circulating Coins - October 6, 2023 midnight