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Gifting Money for the New Year

Many societies have a long-standing tradition of gifting money (banknotes and coins) to mark auspicious occasions – births and birthdays, weddings and other special events, where the value of the gift is as much social as it is financial.

Editorial - March 5, 2024 midnight

US Mutilated Coin Program

Sustainability remains a topic of interest for the cash industry, both coins and banknotes. Government mints were early adopters of sustainability and have offered for many years programs where the public or businesses could redeem damaged or mutilated coins.

Cash Cycle - April 5, 2023 midnight

A Focus on Coins in the Cash Cycle

Without coins you cannot receive change when you pay with a banknote. Although banknotes receive most attention in the cash cycle, April’s MDC webinar reminded people why that is a mistake.

Cash Cycle - May 19, 2021 midnight